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5 Travel Destination That Need You to Have Travel Insurance

Ever felt the fear of being stuck in a foreign country while being sick and not knowing what to do? Just imagining the insane medical bill gives you sweat and makes you nervous. Here’s where travel insurance comes in!

Travel insurance is one of the best ways to keep yourself safe and secure from sudden mishaps and incidents. Business trip canceled? No problem. Flight canceled? Fret not! Oh, no! It’s snowing, and you are stuck on an unknown island? Travel insurance has got your back! Whether it is the delayed flights, cancellation charges, weather conditions or your sudden medical emergency, travel insurance can save you from all the hassle of standing in long lines and awaiting your turn to ask the umpteenth questions from the customer service representative.

If you are planning a trip in the near future, you should definitely check whether the country you are vacationing in requires travel insurance or not. Here are five favorite destinations of most of the people that need you to get travel insurance.


Yes, the hottest and affordable destination in Asia requires you to get travel insurance. When it comes to the medical system of UAE, the bills are costly and they can cost you an arm or leg, so it’s always a better idea to take travel insurance beforehand. You wouldn’t want to get in trouble at Desert Safari, now would you? Remember all the jazz about Wild Safari? Ride those waves of slides easily because you are safe when you have insurance to fall back on! UAE has strict guidelines for tourists and visitors. You need to show proof of insurance when applying for a visa.

Schengen Visa (26 European Countries)

Who doesn’t love visiting Europe? Pure heaven on earth of widespread valleys, vineyards, and beautiful scenery of mountains and beaches! It’s the dream of every traveler to at least visit Europe once in their lifetime.

The 26 countries signed the Schengen treaty and made the same rules for all their borders. You absolutely need international health insurance before applying for a visa in these countries.


Quite a favorite destination for honeymooners, Turkey, requires you to get health insurance. Any person below the age of 65 is needed to get the coverage for treatment in their medical facilities.


If, by any chance, you are applying for a B1/B2 visa, the USA gives you benefit and does not necessarily require you to get travel insurance, but it is always preferred if you get the insurance on the off chance that you have to pay hefty medical fees. If anyone is applying for J1, F1, and H1 visas, they must get insurance according to the USA law.


Planning to go watch Football world cup in 2022? You should be prepared to get travel insurance! Qatar recently changed its policies, and now it is necessary for the visitors to get done with their insurance before arriving in the country.

Now that you are armed with the proper knowledge don’t worry about thinking of what-ifs and but-s! Go plan your vacation and get the best travel insurance for yourself!