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TPL General Product

TPL insurance’s comprehensive plan covers your car bumper to bumper. This is the comprehensive coverage option with 100% protection for the insured.

Secure your car with 5T plan of TPL insurance and get 5 benefits of terrorism, total loss, theft, third party and tracker. This is a special program designed for vehicle owners indenting to cover major losses instead of minor frequent damages.

3T plan of TPL insurance protects your car and gives 3 benefits like theft, third party and tracker at the competitive rate.

Get basic coverage of third party and theft with the insurance 2T plan at the premium rate of 0.99%

Secure T
If your car model is of 2015 and before then get it covered with the insurance secure T plan to protect your car from any damage and loss at the premium rate of 2.50%

Cover all damages of up to PKR 10,000 yourself, and TPL will give you a 25% discount on the gross premium.

TPL Trakker
Vehicle tracking solutions are equipped with user friendly Trakker app which is great for businesses, car enthusiasts, families with elderly drivers or newly licensed teenagers learning to drive the family car. If you want to monitor where they are or have been or that they reach their destination safely, you can use the Trakker App through your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Trakker Features
• 24/7 Call Center
• On-call Location
• Battery damage
• Geo-Fencing (on SMS)
• Anti- Jamming
• Ignition 'on' Alert
• Stolen Vehicle Recovery Services (SVR)
• My Trakker (Mobile App + Web Access)
• Trip Report
• Movement Report

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Frequently Asked Questions about Car Insurance

Car insurance policies are designed to transfer the risks associated with the ownership of a vehicle to an insurer. Car Third Party Liability is a regulated insurance product, which all vehicles on road must ensure to maintain valid whilst the vehicle is driven on road to protect themselves from liability. Whereas other products such as Car Comprehensive and 3T (Total Loss, Theft & TPL) Insurance products are much wider designed to protect car owners for risk of own damage to their car, and liability.
Comprehensive policy covers numerous risk exposures including but not limited to;
  • Own Damage
    • Accidental Damage (including collusion)
    • Fire, Self- Ignition, Explosion, Lightning
    • Theft / Burglary
    • Strikes & Riots
    • Natural Perils (Earthquakes, floods, storms, tempest, inundation, hailstorm, frost, cyclones, hurricanes, landslides, rock slides)
    • Malicious Acts
    • Terrorism act
  • Third Party Liability
    • Bodily Injury to third party
    • Death of third party
  • Emergency medical expenses (Free of cost extension)
  • Towing Charges (Free of cost extension)
  • Personal Accident Benefit (Additional Cover)
You can also extend you policy to include coverage for installed accessories such as Tracker, Screen, Audio / Video System, modification etc.
There are mainly three types of Car Insurance products in Pakistan. These are differentiated by the level of coverage.
Car Comprehensive This is the widest coverage level of coverage available. This policy covers own damage of vehicle up to the insured value of vehicle and third party liability up to PKR 10,000,000; arising out of use of vehicle.
3T Cover Insurance This is an economical cover designed for mainly for vehicles owners who understand their vehicle either low mileage on road or is too old for spending on wide cover. 3t insurance policy has limit extent of own damage cover. This policy covers insured for Total Loss of vehicle, Theft and / or Third Party Liability arising out of use of vehicle.
Car Third Party Liability This is the lowest level of coverage. There is no own damage cover incorporate in the policy. The insured takes out this policy either to meet the regulatory requirements only or to genuinely protect the risk of third party liability when the vehicle has significantly depreciated the value and does not require own damage cover.
Usually extensive proposal forms, supporting documents and survey are required in order to get policy issued by an insurance agent. Comet has made life easy by shrinking the requirements and bringing all insurance in one place and ensuring adequate coverage is available.
You can buy insurance in the following 3 steps;
Step 1 - Fill only 5 easy fields with vehicle details
Step 2 - Evaluate the comparison or seek our insurance expert’s assistance
Step 3 - Make payment to buy Insurance coverage (Insurer’s surveyor might visit depending on insurer you chose)
Claims are processed and settled by insurance company. However, we understand Car claims has always been a bitter experience for the insureds. To ensure fair treatment with customers, Comet acts on your behalf and assist in claims process until the settlement is received by our customers (if engaged from Claims Support section on the website). Comet has also made insurance claims process easy and less time consuming for it’s customers.
As soon as you become aware of the incident that could be valid claim, take the following immediate action;
Claims Process
  • Notify your insurer immediately by means specified on the policy. You can also notify Comet by any of the following ways;
    • Call our 24/7 Customer Service Centre on 0334-26638-21
    • Chat with our Customer Service Centre
    • Register claim on Claims Support section
    • Send us an email on
  • Our Customer Service Centre assists in completion of claim form.
  • Our representative will accompany insurer’s appointed surveyor to conduct survey.
  • We get your claim settled by insurer.
Claim Advice
  • Do not admit liability in case third party is involved.
  • Do not leave the vehicle unattended at any time.
  • Do not repair or make any changes to the condition of vehicle unless inspected by the insurer’s surveyor.
  • Wear & tear
  • Depreciation
  • Consequential loss
  • Mechanical & electrical breakdown
  • Damage to batteries and tyres is covered up to 50% of the replacement value, unless the vehicle is declared total loss under the terms of policy.
Make sure you always read full policy wording attached to your policy. You can always seek assistance of Comet’s insurance experts.

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