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Health Sure Plan
IGI’s Health Sure offers complete solution for healthcare needs. Health Sure covers hospitalization covers and maternity covers. In addition, the product covers pre- and post-hospitalization expenses. The insured can facilitate from long list of hospital panels across Pakistan. The insured can also benefit from discount arrangements made by IGI General with various pharmacies and diagnostic laboratories.

Following are the prominent features;
Coverage extended to: Working employees & their dependent spouses & children
Age limits: For employees & their spouses up to 65 years of age; unmarried/ unemployed daughters; sons up to 25 years age if unemployed; divorced / separated / widowed daughters dependent on the employees without any age limit.
Health declaration: Each insured employee must complete a health questionnaire form, for underwriting purposes.

Family Healthcare
IGI General’s Family HealthCare Insurance secures more than one family members (self, spouse and children up to 4) for a fixed amount in case of hospitalization. The coverage can be utilized by any family member any number of times within your coverage limit. Hospitalization limits available to choose from, for a family are Rs. 275,000, Rs. 550,000, Rs. 750,000, Rs. 1,000,000 as required.
Above limits are annual limits combined for a family. The coverage can be utilized for any number of times until the limit is lapsed.

Competitive Product features include,
• Provides Cashless benefits through panel of many hospitals across Pakistan
• No requirements for Medical tests
• Pre-Existing Conditions will be covered after 03 years of continuous coverage
• Free cancellation within 14 days of policy issuance, if you are not satisfied

Parents Healthcare
IGI General’s parents care insurance plan covers the health of old age people who are within the age bracket of 45 to 65 years and renewable up to 70 years of age. The policy also covered pre-existing conditions up to 10% of the total hospitalization limit covered. The pre-existing limit is increased to 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% at every consecutive renewal.
Following 5 plans with different annual Hospitalization limits available are Rs. 200,000, Rs. 300,000, Rs. 500,000, Rs. 700,000, Rs. 1,000,000 as per your needs.

Competitive Product features include,
• Provides Cashless benefits through panel of many hospitals across Pakistan
• No requirements for Medical tests
• Limited cover for Pre-Existing Conditions (PECs) from 1st year.
• Enhancement for PECs cover at consecutive renewals to a maximum of 50%.
• Free cancellation within 14 days of policy issuance, if you are not satisfied

Lifestyle Care
IGI General’s Lifestyle Care is designed cover 7 critical illness that may be diagnosed to the insured. In case of any diagnosis IGI pays fixed lump sum amount without any medical test report or bills.

The seven Critical Illnesses covered under this Lifestyle Care policy which are as follows:
1. Cancer
2. Open Chest Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
3. Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction)
4. Kidney Failure
5. Stroke
6. Major Organ Transplant
7. Paralysis

Following are the options for Critical Illness insurance plan with lump sum amount benefit;
• Silver with Sum insured of Rs. 300,000
• Gold with Sum insured of Rs. 500,000
• Diamond with Sum insured of Rs. 700,000
• Platinum with Sum insured of Rs. 1,000,000

Her Care
IGI General’s Her care plan protects a woman from 8 types of women diseases. The plan cover following 8 critical illnesses of woman;

1. Breast Cancer
2. Cervical Cancer
3. Burns
4. Paralysis or Multi-trauma
5. Fallopian Tube Cancer
6. Uterine or Endometrial Cancer
7. Vaginal Cancer
8. Ovarian Cancer

In addition, the plan also covered Congenital Disability Benefit free of cost. The plan lists some common congenital disabilities that a new-born baby might suffer. If the baby suffers from any of the prescribed disabilities, the plan pays 50% of the Sum Assured to the mother.
The disabilities covered include:
• Down’s Syndrome
• Congenital Cyanotic Heart Disease
• Trachea-esophageal Fistula
• Cleft Palate with or without cleft lip
• Spina Bifida

This benefit is available for the first two children and only if the children are born before the woman attains 40 years of age.

There are three types of plans:
• Gold Plan with a limit of PKR 500,000/-
• Diamond Plan with a limit of PKR 750,000/-
• Platinum Plan with a limit of PKR 1,000,000/-

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Frequently Asked Questions about Health Insurance

Health care costs are not affordable by most of the people. Even for those who can afford, the high uncertainty disrupts the future investment plans and savings.

Insurance helps eliminate risk and improves standard of heath care for all insureds. Health insurance is not only for those who get sick; it also covers investigation costs to maintain your health before any health condition triggers.
Inpatients / Pre & Post Hospitalization Expense (Including Hospital/Surgical & Miscellaneous expenses. Some of the covered expenses are In-Hospital Consultations, Intensive Care Charges, Surgical Fees, Anesthetist’s Fee, Operation Theatre Charges, Prescribed Medicines, Diagnostic Investigations, Blood & Oxygen Supplies, Ventilator & Allied Services, Day care procedures including Kidney Dialysis/Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy for Cancer)
Emergency Local ambulance
Emergency Hospitalization Abroad
Second Opinion from International health care providers
Outpatient (Optional Extension)
Maternity (Optional Extension)

• Range of up to 1000+ hospital across Pakistan
• 24/7 Medical Hotline
• Health Insurance Card
• Discounts of outpatient, lab test, pharmacies etc.
• Free Lookup Period for 14 days
• Pre Existing coverage on specific plans
• Discount at renewal subject to no claims
Personal Health Plan
Cover yourself for the risk of financial loss from medical expenses incurred for the treatment of diseases, injuries etc.

Family Health Plan
Best protection for your family in case unforeseen health illness to protect and maintain your lifestyle.

Senior Citizen Health Plan
Unique heath plan put together considering needs of old age. Protect your parents and any person above 45 years.

Women Health Plan
Economical plan designed to cover Women’s related complications such as female cancers, body burns, Paralysis and the like.
Follow three simple steps;
Step 1 - Fill easy fields with your details
Step 2 - Evaluate the comparison or seek our insurance expert’s assistance
Step 3 - Make payment to buy Insurance coverage and receive insurance card & policy
Utilize direct billing facility from insurer to healthcare providers directly by simply using your Insurance Card at the provider reception.

Some insurers have limited facility with only reimbursement claims filing facility. In such cases the insured will be required to maintain records of all medical reports, formal receipts, doctor’s note etc. These documents are then submitted to the insurer for reimbursement.

In order to avoid any possibility of claim being rejected, Comet’s servicing team assists in obtaining the advance approval letter from the insurer.
• Cosmetic, aesthetic and related treatment
• Congenital anomalies
• HIV-AIDS or any sexually transmitted disease
• Any fertility/impotence/ sterilization procedure or treatment
• Pregnancy related expenses ad complications
• Psychiatric treatment
• War, invasion, civil commotion
• Cost of limbs/ prosthetics/ hearing aids / crutches /dentures
• Drug abuse / self-inflicted injuries
• Any outpatient expenses (unless extended)
• Maternity (unless extended)
• Benefits for Pre-existing Conditions are usually limited.
• Waiting Period: Usually does not cover any expenses occurring during the first 30 days of the inception of policy, except from accidental injuries.

Follow the policy documents or seek Comet's advise for full details.

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