Car Loan Calculator

Bank Islami Car Loan Calculator in Pakistan

Bank Islami Car Loan Calculator

Want to buy a car but fall out of enough savings? Are you planning to get a loan but you want to calculate and evaluate the loan whereabouts before you even step outside? Well, worry not as Bank Islami Car Loan Calculator is here to help you.

You can now calculate the car finance and loan whereabouts, while sitting in your home, on your couch. Find out whether a car loan is feasible for you to opt for or not, with just a few clicks.

Calculate your payment plan, interest rate and tenure period with Bank Islami Car Loan Calculator in Pakistan.

Easy and Quick

If you want to avail of a car loan, but are completely unaware of the costs to expect then utilize the Bank Islami Car Financing Calculator to help you out. It is easy and quick and brings you all the details, at your home, while you sip on your cup of tea. Why step outside when you can easily calculate your Bank Islami Car Finance while being at home?

Use our calculators today to determine all the details before getting a loan.

If you want to reach us, simply give us a call. Our representatives are here to help you, around the clock.

Eligibility Criteria for Bank Islami Car Finance:

There is a set standard of eligibility if you wish to apply for Bank Islami Car Finance. It applies to everyone. If you do not fall into the categorized criteria, then you cannot apply for a car loan.


Tenure of the Bank Islami Car Finance is between 1-7 years. You cannot exceed this tenure.

Age Limit:

To be able to access the loan, you must be 21 years old and above. Any individual below 21, is not applicable for the car loan.

Likewise, if you are 63 and adobe, you cannot apply for the loan as you are a retired citizen.

Minimum Income:

As a permanent employee, you must have an income of 25,000 or above. If you are a contractual employee, your salary must be at least 40,000. If you receive a pension then it must be 50,000 or above.

Also, you must be employed in the same company, for at least 6 months.

If you fall into all the eligibility factors, then use our Bank Islami Auto Finance Calculator, to calculate your tenure and instalments today.

What do you Require to Apply?

Once you have calculated your loan whereabouts with the Bank Islami Car Financing Calculator, you can come to our branch and apply for the loan. You will need some mandatory documents along with you.

  • Application form, that has all the details filled in properly.
  • Your CNIC copy
  • Proof of income i.e. is your salary slip or employment notice
  • Bank statement
  • 2 passport size images
  • Your latest utility bill copy
  • Biometric verification

How to Apply?

Use our Bank Islami Car Loan Calculator to calculate your loan whereabouts and if it is feasible for you, you can apply by visiting our nearest branch or calling our customer service to get help. Our staff is available 24/7, to help you understand the loan liabilities and also aid you in filling out the form.

Contact us

If you have any queries or confusion in regards to Bank Islami Car Loan Calculator in Pakistan, then get help from us today. Give us a call and our customer representative will help you, every step of the way.

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