Home Insurance

Insure Your Biggest Investment, Your Home!

One of the most valuable possessions in your life is your home. All your memories, comforts and belongings are present there. Needless to say, ensuring that your home is fully secure is the most important thing to do. 

Despite having the best security measures in your home there is still a huge risk of damage, natural disasters, and theft which can’t be eliminated. These risks can affect our lives and wreck our homes in more than one way. In order to protect our homes from these risks, you will need home insurance. 

Importance of home insurance

Home insurance provides you a sum of money that can be used to reconstruct your home in case of a disaster. Many people save money for years to build their dream homes. Without insurance, those people can never afford to fix the damage caused by flood, fire, or other kinds of damage to the property.

Having insurance can mean you are protecting your investment, including equity.

Home insurance is a kind of investment that you begin in order to protect your family and home comfort. Getting insurance simply means you are protecting your investment including your asset. It is obtainable in two distinct forms. 

  • Building Insurance

Pakistan is not prone to extreme climate conditions like tornadoes or hurricanes but storms and floods do frequently bring destruction. These natural disasters can havoc your home and rebuilding them is not an easy task.

Hence these disasters cannot be fully predicted or prevented, that is why it is important to secure your home with contents and building insurance that contains cover for such accidents. 

  • Household Insurance: 

Alongside building insurance, household insurance is equally important to cover your precious possessions such as paintings, furniture, or jewelry. 

All insurance policies are different and that is why you should always understand the policy clearly. But in general: 

  • A normal policy covers you for wind, fire, hail, smoke damage, and explosions, or any damage brought by criminal activity such as vandalization. 
  • Building insurance covers the building which includes, painted walls, fixtures, floors, and fittings. For example things like baths, showerheads, and radiators.
  • Household insurance covers items that are in your home such as electrical items, jewelry, furniture, pictures, and laptops, etc. Some policies also include mobile phones and Bicycle. 
  • Household insurance in some cases also covers burglary and fire. Moreover, it can also provide cover for theft and accidental damage of items when you are not at your home. You will either be paid for a replacement of that item or the market value of that item. 


Home insurance policies offer peace of mind so you can enjoy your life without worrying about your home sweet home. Here at the Comet Insure, we provide both household and building insurance. Get a quote from Comet Insure now and give us a chance to cover your belongings and home.