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Top 5 Most Popular Imported Used Cars in Pakistan 2024

Pakistan's Used Car Imports Skyrocket

Pakistan’s Used Car Imports Skyrocket

In comparison to prior years, Pakistan’s import of used cars has surged dramatically in the first half of the 2023–24 fiscal year. At the beginning of 2024, that was one of the top headlines of the Pakistani news channels that Pakistan has become one of the top 50 used car importers in the world.

Based on the study of the survey data, Pakistanis’ primary motivation for endorsing the usage of Japanese automobiles is their access to cutting-edge technology and their relatively low cost when compared to locally manufactured cars in their country.

What is the Top 5 Most Popular Imported Used Cars in Pakistan

What is the Top 5 Most Popular Imported Used Cars in Pakistan?

Pakistan currently provides a large selection of low-cost, imported second-hand automobiles, expanding consumer choices and bringing cutting-edge technologies to the local market.

Cometinsure outlines the top 5 imported used automobiles in Pakistan and their prices.

Popular Imported Used Cars in Pakistan

Popular Imported Used Cars in Pakistan

Here are some of the most popular imported used cars in Pakistan.

  1. Daihatsu Mira
  2. Toyota Prius
  3. Honda Vezel
  4. Suzuki Every
  5. Toyota Vitz

The majority of imported vehicles in Pakistan are Japanese. However, there are also imports from China, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Nonetheless, importers typically bring in new luxury cars from the USA and Europe and old cars from Japan.

List of Imported Cars in Pakistan

List of Imported Cars in Pakistan

  • Daihatsu Mira: Daihatsu Mira has been extremely successful among Pakistan car lovers as it combines enjoyable driving experience with fuel efficiency.

A 2024 Daihatsu Mira in used condition is available in Pakistan and will be sold between PKR 32 lacs to PKR 40 lacs.

  • Toyota Prius: The Hybrid Prius from the stable of Toyota has been active in Pakistan as a car with a nice exterior and good fuel economy. Swapping between power systems, the Prius is the most desirable car on the market now.

Both the current prices of entry-level and top-of-the-range Prius models go from PKR 30 lacs to PKR 1.35 crore.

  • Honda Vezel: The Honda Vezel is a subcompact cross-over Support Utility Vehicles (SUV) produced by Honda in Japan as a replacement for Honda’s small family car in the utility hybrid segment. The Honda Vezel Hybrid has been very popular mainly due to its good fuel economy.

The used Vezel Hondas have a price range of between PKR 50 lacs to PKR 1.35 crore.

  • Suzuki Every: The Suzuki Carry has been upgraded to become the Suzuki Every. It is produced by the Japanese car manufacturer Suzuki. This vehicle is essentially a KEI-Car, except the larger Suzuki Every Plus model, featured a longer hood due to safety concerns. It is powered by a massive 1.3 LTR 86HP (63KW) four-cylinder engine.

The price range for used Suzuki vehicles ranges between 15 to 26 lacs.

  • Toyota Vitz: In nations such as Pakistan, where traffic congestion is common and fuel costs are high, the Vitz’s mileage (15–18 km/l) is a good option to meet your budget needs. In addition, the power steering raises the model’s worth.

The price of a used Toyota Vitz ranges from PKR 15.5 lacs to 40 lacs or above.


The Pakistani auto market has witnessed a surge in imported used cars, driven by affordability and access to advanced technology, particularly from Japan. This trend has expanded consumer choice and introduced new features, but it also presents challenges like navigating the import process.