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Travel Insurance Post-Pandemic

Covid19, also known as the new Coronavirus, which began in November 2019 in Wuhan, China, became a global pandemic. The pandemic is a worldwide test and remains a significant challenge for all countries. As a result, strict travel restrictions have been introduced at all global borders to prevent its transmission. Most cross-border travels ended in March 2020 and began gradually returning in May 2020.

According to the Asia Research Center’s Borderline Advertising Analysis, at least 3 billion people living in countries were closed for visitors and non-visitors during this pandemic period. The constraints observed during this pandemic time were different between countries and to date are continually changing. The tourism sector has been affected the most as all airlines have grounded their planes, and the tourism industry has fallen to an unimaginable level.

Traveling around the world will be difficult post-pandemic, with probably new pre-departure and post-departure conventions. Comprehensive travel insurance is now a must-have given the need for traveler’s well-being. Without proper safety precautions and necessary insurance coverage from travelers, travelers will not be allowed onboard flight.

Why is a good Travelling insurance plan necessary?

Strengthening such travel health care conditions would ensure the lift of the fallen travel industry.

It is common for the car driver to have car insurance in most countries, a home buyer to buy home insurance. Similarly, all travelers should have travel insurance as it is the most important thing you need to carry with you while traveling, yet it is the most overlooked aspect of one’s trip.

What Travel Insurance covers?

Travel insurances are designed to make sure that you do not end up paying a considerable sum of money if an emergency happens while you were traveling domestic or international. As most health insurance does not cover overseas and banks offer limited protection, travel insurance protects you from the unknown during your trips.

Travel insurance is a billion-dollar industry worldwide, and every insurance company wants a piece of the action. Due to extensive offerings, you may face mind-numbing numbers, options and terminologies. So it would be best if you kept your selection criteria to be simple such as choose a policy that is enough to cover your bills in case of hospitalization.

Let us take an example if you have coverage of 20,000 $ and face an arm injury, and you may reach the coverage limit even before the process of hospitalization starts. This may seem like great coverage, but, on an international journey, this is close to nothing.

Highest coverage of travel insurance:

The highest coverage to be offered by travel insurance is a million dollars. That too is too much for an average traveller. You may want one, but it comes at a hefty premium. Secondly, you should choose an insurance which covers emergency evacuations. This coverage should not be under the medical expense coverage. It should be under a separate limit.

A generous travel insurance policy would cover expenses in most countries globally and provide coverage in case of theft, injury, cancellation of hotel or flight bookings. In Pakistan, insurance for 15 days Hajj and Umrah for a single start from Rs.250 and goes up to Rs.2500. These travel insurers provide medical coverage from Rs.75000 to 20,000 $ and loss of baggage from Rs 20,000 Rs to 750 $.

Claims procedure of travelling insurance:

Loss of Passport:

If you are having the problem at the airport, such loss of passport the insurance provider shall pay costs for the re-insurance of the passport loss by mistake up to the maximum value covered by the policy.

Delayed flight:

If your flight is delayed or belated due to any reason, then your insurance provider should compensate for the cost of payments and expenses as per the policy. In the policy words, it will work when the delay is of more than eight hours.

Trip Cancellation:

In case the person you had the travel with is seriously injured or death due to any mishap, the insurance company will repay according to the limit as listed by the policy. It will include advance payments, due to be paid for travel, and of all irreversible deposits.

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