40 Small Business Ideas to Follow in Pakistan

If you don’t want to do a 9-5 job and are searching for a small and growing business idea in Pakistan, you have come to the right place. This article has compiled 40 useful business ideas to help you choose the best one for you according to your taste.

Business Idea Description Investment Scope
Poultry Farming Rearing chickens for meat and eggs. Proper feed and management are crucial for success. Medium High
Fish Farming Aquaculture for fish production. Water quality and sustainable methods are critical. Medium Medium
Bee Farming Raising bees for honey and products. Focus on ecological balance and pollination. Low Medium
Mushroom Farming Niche business with nutritional mushrooms. Regulated atmosphere and knowledge needed. Low Medium
Beauty Salon Provides grooming, styling, and skincare. Expert stylists and quality products attract customers. Medium High
Small Coffee Shop/Restaurant Food and social environment. The unique menu and atmosphere contribute to success. Medium High
Vlogging Creating videos for online platforms. Engage audiences and generate ad revenue. Low High
Blogging Writing on a niche topic, earning through ads and marketing. SEO and quality content are crucial. Low High
Freelancing Offering various services online. Leverage skills in a growing gig economy. Low High
Social Media Marketing Managing online presence for businesses. Useful strategy and staying current are important. Low Medium
E-commerce Site Selling products online. User-friendly website and efficient logistics for success. Medium High
Web and App Development Meeting demand for web and app services. Quality and expertise are essential. Medium High
Graphic Design Creating visual content for branding. Creativity and understanding client needs are crucial. Medium Medium
Computer Training Institute Offering courses in programming, software usage, and digital skills. Attract diverse learners. Medium Medium
Online Tutoring Expertise and effective methods contribute to success. Low High
Cooking at Home Home-cooked meals are in high demand. Quality and variety are important. Medium High
Home Baking Unique baked goods, dietary options, and quality are crucial. Low High
Selling Old Motorcycles Used motorbike market potential. Knowledge about bikes and repairs necessary. Medium High
Tour Operator Capitalise on Pakistan’s scenic beauty. Unique experiences and safety are key. High High
Boutique Cater to fashion-conscious customers. Stay updated with trends and offer unique items. High High
Daycare Centre Reliable childcare for dual-income households. Create a safe and nurturing environment. Medium Medium
Photography Capturing moments for events, marketing. Solid portfolio and diverse skills needed. Medium High
Driving Centre Teaching safe driving. Professional trainers and well-maintained vehicles are essential. High Medium
Real Estate Utilise market trends and regulations. Build a strong network for success. High High
Home-Based Gym Offer fitness services. Quality equipment and personalized training attract clients. Medium High
Catering Provide catering for events. A broad menu and prompt delivery are important. Medium High
Dropshipping Selling products online without storage. Niche selection and marketing are crucial. Low High
Online Courses Sharing skills through online courses. Quality content and effective marketing are required. Low Medium
Making Candles Handmade candles with unique designs and scents. Creative appeal and packaging matter. Medium Low
Soap Production Handmade soaps with natural ingredients. Quality and unique designs are important. Medium Medium
T-Shirt Printing Customized t-shirts for branding. High-quality printing and designs are key. Medium Low
Hand Sanitizer Continued demand for sanitizers. High-quality ingredients and branding are essential. Low Medium
Medical Store Providing legitimate medicines and supplies. Skilled customer service is crucial. Medium High
Car Wash Centre Increasing need for car wash services. Quality, water conservation, and location matter. Medium Medium
Auto Spare Parts Genuine spare parts and dependable service for vehicle maintenance. Important for success. Medium High
House Cleaning Services Cleaning services for busy lifestyles. Efficient and dependable cleaning attracts clients. Medium Medium
Personal Chef Personalized eating experiences. Culinary skills and a diverse menu are important. Low Medium
Food Truck Mobile dining with creative menus. Variety and strategic locations matter. Medium Medium
Vehicle Rental Renting vehicles to visitors and more. Broad fleet and excellent service for growth. High Medium
Wedding Planners Attention to detail and exceptional coordination are crucial. Low High  

Poultry Farming

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming involves rearing chickens for meat and eggs. Pakistan’s rising population and high protein need make this a profitable business. Proper feed, health, and hygiene management are critical for success. By generating employment opportunities, poultry farming not only helps to ensure the country’s food security but also strengthens rural communities. It is an essential source of inexpensive protein for a population that is expanding. Poultry farming business is profitable to start as it is the second largest industry in Pakistan after textile. To start a small-scale poultry farm business, you’ll need a minimum investment of RS. 50,000 to 1.5 million. Investment: Medium Scope: High Fish Farming

Fish Farming

The growing demand for seafood is driving up the popularity of fish farming, often known as aquaculture. Pakistan has a varied aquatic habitat that supports a variety of fish species. Water quality and sustainable methods are critical. Being a reliable protein source, fish farming improves livelihoods in coastal areas and encourages sustainable seafood consumption, which helps boost the economy. Fish farming is considered one of the best businesses in Pakistan because of its increasing demand. You can pursue both freshwater and marine water fish farming. You’ll need to invest a minimum of 1 lac-1.5 lac to start fish farming on a small scale. Investment: Medium Scope: Medium Reference Link for cost: Bee Farming

Bee Farming

It is the practice of raising bees for honey and other hive products. This business can help both environmental conservation and honey production by focusing on ecological balance. Bee farming is essential for pollination, sustaining biodiversity and ensuring good crop yields for farmers. It is an environmentally friendly business enterprise that offers wax, honey, and other hive products. It is becoming the fastest opting business in Pakistan, particularly in rural areas. It is a profitable business and has the potential to grow rapidly, giving you a handsome amount with an average investment of Rs. 5-6 lac. Investment: Low Scope: Medium Mushroom Farming

Mushroom Farming

Mushroom farming is a business that is growing in popularity due to the nutritional value of mushrooms. A regulated atmosphere, suitable substrate, and knowledge of numerous mushroom species are required for success. By using agricultural waste as substrate, mushroom farming is a sustainable substitute for conventional agriculture. It provides wholesome nourishment and may be useful medically. Mushroom farming requires less investment while giving a high yield within a short time. With a minimum investment of Rs. 50,000-200,000, you can start the profitable business of mushroom farming. Investment: Low Scope: Medium Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon

A beauty salon provides grooming, hair styling, and skincare treatments. Pakistanis value personal appearance highly, making this a profitable business. Customers will be drawn in if you offer expert stylists, a relaxed atmosphere, and high-quality products. Aside from improving personal grooming, beauty salons also promote confidence and offer a relaxing environment. They support creativity and self-expression while advancing the fashion and cosmetics industries. One of the best business ideas in Pakistan is starting a beauty salon, but to make it successful, you must have excellent communication and beautician skills. You can start a small beauty salon at your home with a minimum investment of Rs. 50,000 to 1 lac. Investment: Medium Scope: High Small Coffee Shop - Restaurant

Small Coffee Shop/Restaurant

A coffee shop or restaurant provides clients with a social environment as well as food. Pakistan has a strong eating-out culture, which makes this company idea possibly viable. Offering a distinctive menu, a cosy atmosphere, and excellent customer service will help. Coffee shops and restaurants act as gathering places for people to interact and share cultures. They promote local economies, provide employment opportunities, and honour culinary diversity. In the last decade, the business of small restaurants or coffee shops has grown immensely. To make your business successful, your cooks must be well-trained, and cleanliness should be maintained. All you need for startup is a small space, furniture, crockery, a small kitchen setup and a few other necessary things. With a minimum investment of Rs. 500,000-10,00000, you can set up your own small restaurant. Investment: Medium Scope: High Vlogging


Vlogging entails generating and sharing videos on different platforms, such as YouTube. Vlogging provides the potential for content creators to engage audiences, generate ad money, and collaborate with companies as internet availability grows. It enables people to share their ideas, information, and creativity with a large audience. It provides a platform for diverse viewpoints and fills cultural gaps. Vlogging is the most economical way to make money; all you need to do is purchase a good camera, or you can also use your cell phone’s camera. You can start with the minimum investment. Investment: Low Scope: High Blogging


Blogging requires writing information on a certain niche topic. Bloggers can earn money through adverts, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing if they use the appropriate SEO tactics and create high-quality material. It makes a way for people to become online influencers and thought leaders by simplifying the sharing of information. It serves as a valuable way to spark discussion, entertainment, and education. If you don’t have money to invest, this option is for you; blogging is the best online business to start without any investment. All it requires is a blogging website and quality content. Investment: Low Scope: High Freelancing


Freelancers provide services such as writing, design, and programming, among others. In Pakistan, the gig economy is growing, providing a flexible income source through leveraging abilities. It promotes a flexible work schedule, fosters entrepreneurship, and opens up access to a wide range of markets. It serves as a platform for people to use their abilities and generate income. To begin, you’ll need to gain a skill and master it, have an impressive portfolio and then market your skill on different freelancing platforms. Investment: Low Scope: High Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing entails overseeing a company’s online presence. Businesses must employ a compelling social media strategy to reach their target audience. Learning platforms, analytics, and staying current on trends are critical. It is essential for establishing brand recognition, developing connections between companies and their target markets, and fostering customer interaction. It’s an economical technique to increase impact and reach. To start social media marketing, you must have exceptional marketing skills, and be able to advertise on different social media platforms. Investment: Low Scope: Medium E-commerce Site

E-commerce Site

E-commerce platforms enable firms to sell their items online. This business may capitalize on the expanding trend of online shopping by providing a user-friendly website, secure payment choices, and efficient logistics. E-commerce sites have revolutionized how people purchase by providing easy access to a variety of goods. They allow companies to expand their customer base globally and diversify their sources of income. When looking for low-investment businesses, E-commerce comes on the top as it is the best way to make passive income. It just requires identification of the products you want to sell and earn by setting up sales. Investment: Medium Scope: High Web and App Development

Web and App Development

The need for web and app development services is strong. Success requires a trained workforce, knowledge of programming languages, and the delivery of high-quality projects. Web and app development powers enterprises, startups, and innovation in the digital economy. It is necessary for turning concepts into useful online solutions. With zero upfront investment, you can start an increasingly growing business of web and app development. You can serve different companies that require these services. Investment: Medium Scope: High Graphic Design

Graphic Design

The visual language of branding and communication is known as graphic design. Businesses benefit from its aesthetic and professional additions, which help them stand out in crowded markets. Graphic designers are responsible for creating visual content for branding and marketing. A creative vision, software expertise, and an awareness of client demands are required. The scope of graphic designing is growing day by day, so pursuing it will be a wise decision. You will need to master the art of graphic designing completely to make your business successful. It requires very little initial requirements, around Rs. 15,000-30,000. Investment: Medium Scope: Medium Computer Training Institute

Computer Training Institute

Computer training is required in many businesses. Courses on programming, software usage, and digital skills can appeal to a wide range of people. Computer training institutes have gained high importance in the modern era. They enable people to adjust to changes in technology. You can make a handsome amount by offering the skills required for modern jobs. It requires a spacious place, a few computer systems, and furniture. A good training instructor and a peaceful environment can help you make your business successful in less time. Investment: Medium Scope: Medium Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

Online teaching is on the rise these days. A successful tutoring business can be built on subject expertise and efficient online teaching methods. Online tutoring simplifies education by extending the reach of high-quality education outside of traditional classrooms. It caters to various learning demands and provides customized learning experiences. All you need to do is select a subject of your interest and start online teaching without any initial or running investment. To be successful, you must have a full grip on your subject and have an excellent teaching method. Investment: Low Scope: High Cooking at Home

Cooking at Home

Moderate Home-cooked meals are always in high demand. Quality and diversity are important considerations in attracting and retaining clients. Making meals at home encourages healthy eating habits. It’s an essential skill that encourages the preservation of cultural traditions and family customs. The easiest business to start within your home is this one; you’ll just need to invest in food products, ovens, and utensils. You can start this business with a minimum investment of Rs. 50,000-100,000. Investment: Medium Scope: High Home Baking

Home Baking

The baking sector lives on creativity. It is critical to provide distinctive baked items, cater to dietary needs, and preserve quality. Home baking promotes regional economies, provides handmade food items, and satisfies nutritional requirements. It gives festivities and gatherings a unique touch. You can easily start a small baking setup in your home with a minimum investment of around Rs. 50,000-100,000. Investment: Low Scope: High Selling Old Motorcycles

Selling Old Motorcycles

The used motorbike market has a lot of potential. It is essential to be knowledgeable about bikes, repairs, and fair pricing. Through vehicle recycling, selling old motorcycles fosters sustainability. It also offers people on a tight budget accessible transit option. You can start this business with a minimum investment of 50,000 and keep increasing the investment with time as your business grows. Investment: Medium Scope: High Tour Operator

Tour Operator

The scenic splendour of Pakistan attracts travellers. Unique experiences, safety precautions, and effective planning may set your travel firm apart. By showcasing the culture and history of the region, tour operators encourage tourism and economic expansion. They design engaging vacation programs that improve intercultural understanding. If you want to start this business, you must have sound knowledge of all the popular tourist locations so you can please your customers. The initial business costs depend on your setup, the vehicles you use, the facilities you provide, and the location you choose. Investment: High Scope: High Boutique


Boutiques appeal to fashion-conscious customers. It is essential to keep up with trends and offer distinctive clothing and accessories. Crafted options are offered at boutiques that celebrate individuality in fashion. They promote sustainable fashion, empower local designers, and elevate individual style. If you have a good fashion and styling sense, you can go for this business. For a profitable business, you must have the latest designed clothes and a good location. The initial will be a bit higher, around Rs. 1 million to 1.5 million. Investment: High Scope: High Daycare Center

Daycare Center

Dual-income households require dependable childcare. It is essential to create a safe, nurturing environment for your business’s success. By offering a variety of secure childcare options, daycare centers encourage workforce participation. They support working parents while ensuring that children grow up in loving environments. It is a profitable business to start at a low investment. You can begin this within your home. To flourish your business, make sure to provide all the necessary facilities for providing comfort to the children. Investment: Medium Scope: Medium Photography


Photography is crucial for events, marketing, and other purposes. It is critical to have a solid portfolio and grasp numerous photographic styles. Photographic art preserves memories, catches moments, and tells stories. It’s a form of art that records history, culture, and significant moments in one’s life. Starting your photography business is a great way to earn main or side income. For the growth of your business, you must have a good camera and lighting. You can begin this business with a minimum investment of 40,000-50,000. Investment: Medium Scope: High Driving Centre

Driving Centre

The ability to drive safely is a requirement to get a driving license. You’ll need to hire professional trainers and have well-kept vehicles for a successful business. Driving centers promote responsible driving and traffic safety. They equip people with the necessary skills and contribute to a decrease in traffic accidents. It’s a fast growing and profitable business to start, all you need is a professional driving instructor, well-maintained vehicles, a perfect location, and a good team. The initial cost is higher because it requires buying cars; on average, it can cost around 1.5 million-1.8 million. Investment: High Scope: Medium Real Estate

Real Estate

Real estate is a growing sector. Knowledge of market trends and regulations, as well as the development of a strong network, are the essential skills required to run this business. Through real estate transactions, building projects, and urban expansion, real estate stimulates economic growth. It is a source of investments and financial stability in the society. Investing in real estate is very demanding these days. You can consider joining property management, wholesaling, and ventures. You can start this business with a minimum investment of 1 million. Investment: High Scope: High Home-Based Gym

Home-Based Gym

Fitness is becoming more popular among people. Clients can be drawn in by high-quality equipment, personalized training, and dedicated space. Without the requirement for a public space, home-based gyms promote physical health and wellness. They make it easier for people to live an active lifestyle. If you are a fitness freak, make it your profession. Opening a small gym at home can benefit you in many ways with less investment. It requires hunting clients and providing them with satisfactory fitness classes. You can open your small gym with a minimum investment of Rs. 300,000-500,000. Investment: Medium Scope: High Catering


Catering services are required for events and gatherings. It is critical to have a broad menu, excellent service, and prompt delivery. With their culinary know-how, catering services enhance occasions and gatherings. They provide a variety of cuisines to accommodate all tastes and preferences. This business will give you incredible profit. To begin, research the market and look at your competitors, determine your niche, draft a menu, and create a business plan. You can start a catering business with a minimum investment of Rs. 100,000. Investment: Medium Scope: High Dropshipping


Dropshipping includes selling things without having a physical location for storing the products. The importance of niche selection, good marketing, and dependable suppliers cannot be denied to make your business successful. By eliminating the requirement for inventory management, dropshipping streamlines retail operations. It’s a low-risk way to start doing business online and evaluate customer demand. To start this business, you will need to choose a niche after thorough research, find a good dropshipping supplier, create your online store, and analyze your store. The startup cost is very low, you can create your online store with a minimum investment of Rs. 7000. Investment: Low Scope: High Online Courses

Provide Online Courses

Sharing skills through online courses is a profitable business. A large audience can be attracted by quality content and smart marketing. Offering online courses opens up access to learning and knowledge-sharing. Experts may easily reach a worldwide audience, and learners can conveniently pick up new skills. Selling courses online regarding different skills is a low investment and a great business to start in Pakistan. This doesn’t need more investment, it just requires clear and meaningful recordings to make the courses worth watching. Investment: Low Scope: Medium Making Candles

Making Candles

Candle-making is an artistic process that results in calming and adorning products. It supports aromatherapy, relaxation, and thoughtful gifting. Handmade candles have a specialized market. Customers might be drawn in by innovative designs, smells, and packaging. To begin your candle-making business, design attractive candles with a beautiful aroma that enhances the ambience. This is a low-investment business, Investment: Medium Scope: Low Soap Production

Soap Production

Making soap encourages the use of natural personal care products and lessens dependency on those that include chemicals. It supports environmentally conscious and sustainable living. Handmade soaps are becoming increasingly popular. Natural ingredients, one-of-a-kind designs, and quality assurance are essential. Soap making is a sustainable and profitable business idea to start with low to medium investment. To begin, you will need to choose the ingredients and materials required for soap making and select a clean site. Investment: Medium Scope: Medium T-Shirt Printing

T-Shirt Printing

Customized t-shirts are popular for branding and events. Delivering excellent quality printing, a wide range of designs, and a fast turnaround is critical. T-shirt printing allows for fashion customization and self-expression. It serves as a canvas for artwork and messaging as a means of advancing causes. Investment: Medium Scope: Low Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizer demand is continuing after the COVID-19 season. It is critical to have high-quality components, excellent branding, and proper distribution. Hand sanitiser production meets the hygiene requirement, particularly during health emergencies. It helps prevent sickness and improve public health. Investment: Low Scope: Medium Medical Store

Medical Store

Medical supply stores give local communities important medical supplies. They guarantee that people have access to health care services and medications. The importance of healthcare cannot be overstated. Providing legitimate medicines, healthcare supplies, and skilled customer service is critical. Investment: Medium Scope: High Car Wash Centre

Car Wash Centre

Car wash facilities preserve the appearance and longevity of vehicles. By promoting water-saving cleaning techniques, they support environmental preservation. The need for car wash centres is rising with the increasing number of vehicles on the roads. Customers can be drawn in by quality service, water conservation measures, and a handy location. Investment: Medium Scope: Medium Auto Spare Parts

Auto Spare Parts

Sales of auto spare parts assist in vehicle upkeep and repair. They promote road safety and add to the automobile ecology. Vehicle maintenance is required after regular intervals to keep them in optimal condition. To make your business successful, keeping genuine spare parts on hand and providing dependable service is critical. Investment: Medium Scope: High House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services

Cleaning services reduce the stress associated with domestic duties. Families can concentrate on other priorities since they provide comfort and convenience. Cleaning services demand has increased due to people’s hectic lifestyles. Offering efficient, dependable house cleaning might attract customers. Investment: Medium Scope: Medium Personal Chef

Personal Chef

Services for personal chefs are designed to meet clients’ unique dietary requirements and culinary preferences. They make dining easier and more enjoyable. Personal chef offers personalized eating experiences. Culinary abilities, menu diversity, and outstanding service can all lead to success. Investment: Low Scope: Medium Food Truck

Food Truck

Food trucks make food available everywhere by bringing a variety of cuisines to the streets. They produce vibrant social places and contribute to the community’s culinary industry. Food trucks provide mobile dining. Creative menus, various cuisines, and strategic locations can draw customers in. Investment: Medium Scope: Medium Vehicle Rental

Vehicle Rental

Food trucks make food available everywhere by bringing a variety of cuisines to the streets. They produce vibrant social places and contribute to the community’s culinary industry. Vehicle rental services are available to visitors, people, and corporations. Growth can be achieved through providing a broad fleet, transparent costs, and outstanding customer service. Investment: High Scope: Medium Wedding Planners

Wedding Planners

Wedding planners are the ones who make the wedding day magical. Attention to detail, originality, and exceptional coordination abilities are required. Building a vendor network and delivering customized packages can lead to success. The need for wedding planners is increasing day by day as people are more attracted towards fascinating weddings. A wedding planner helps them to set up a budget, find vendors, and manage the overall wedding ceremony. Investment: Low Scope: High


Remember that each business concept takes extensive research, strategy, and implementation. Identifying your target market, comprehending industry trends, and giving excellent value to your clients are all critical components of establishing a successful small business in Pakistan.