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Connection of Comet with UIC for Insurance Product Offerings

Comet is of one the leading compare and buy, insurance products providing platform associated with different insurance companies for providing the best results to the consumers. We provide different types of offerings from various companies to satisfy the needs of our customers. We are rapidly growing aggregators with a long list of insurance products, including Conventional and Takaful plans. Our customers can easily find insurance products from Pakistan’s well-known insurance companies such as United Insurance Company of Pakistan or UIC. We are building more and more connections with our aggregator platform. Our customers put their trust on us because they know, we always thought of their best interest, from our heart.

About United Insurance Company of Pakistan

United Insurance Company of Pakistan has 60 years of experience in delivering their best in the insurance market. They always try to give customers exactly what they need and are up-for. UIC  has the flexibility to indulge according to the changing map of the insurance industry and still, they are doing their best by giving quality services and multiple offerings for fulfilling everyone’s needs. This positive approach has turned them into one of Pakistan’s most successful insurance company with the professional staff and friendly environment. They aim to provide their insurance to everyone in Pakistan, that is why today they have more than 100 branches all over Pakistan. UIC tries to deliver services to their customers in the best possible way. This approach also gives them priority on other insurance companies available in Pakistan. They have the capability to run a successful company in the growing world of Insurance, with a wide range of customizable plans, in products from Travel Insurance to Life or Health Insurance. They are experienced and professionals and know to deal with situations and customers. They are experts in claim handling and, can handle both personal and business customers by using their experience and expert staff. UIC has a team that are fully trained and know everything about the types of insurance they are providing.

Insurance Products United Insurance Company Provides

  • Travel Insurance
  • Health Insurance Plan
  • Car Insurance- Auto Sure Plan
  • Crop Insurance
  • Travel and Cargo Agents Guarantees
  • Fire Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Livestock
  • Engineering insurance
  • Miscellaneous Insurance
  • Personal Accident policy for students
  • Shop Secure Plan Plus
  • Self-Secure Plan Plus
  • Education secure Plan

UIC also provides online services for planning your Insurance Policy

There are few concrete reasons for choosing United Insurance Company

  • Trusted since 1959
  • Professional
  • Comprehensive Products
  • The quick and easy claim settlement process
  • Customer-Centric Approach
  • Proven performance
  • Tracker service
  • Online Travel Policy Verification
  • 100 plus branches all over Pakistan

About Cometinsure

Nowadays people want quick access, to the kind of information they need. And Comet is the platform that can provide access to different quotes, information about products and door to door claiming support in as less time as possible. We aim to provide insurance products to our customers according to their need as we are associated with World’s know insurance companies like UIC. Instead of checking the comprehensive websites of Insurance companies, you can get all the needed information with expert and professional guidance under one roof with the comet. Comet appreciates how people are thinking about the future safety and trying to buy an Insurance plan that is why we give a variety of option to choose from. We understand that different people have different priorities and we give what our customers want according to their desire. Comet is the best platform for finding and comparing the insurance products you want whether it’s life insurance, Motor Insurance, Corporate Insurance or others. Aggregator simply means an organization that collects data from other businesses and gather them on one platform for the convenience of consumers and that’s what Comet do for you. Comet also helps insurance companies in the generation of links and increasing potential customers. By partnering with aggregators companies feel drastic change and increase of demand in the market.

Connection of Comet with United Insurance Company for Insurance Product Offerings

As Comet is platform famous for dedication and professionalism and by forming a connection with United Insurance Company it provides better product options for their customers along with quality and expert’s guidance. The partnership of Comet and UIC can offer a lot and more than a lot to their customers as both are best in their work.

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