EasyPay: A Great Solution for E-commerce Payments

Well, in this digital marketing era, the sale and purchase of items and services expand beyond the borders up to a global level. With this expanding e-commerce comes some issues for which stakeholders sit together to devise

Among these issues, receiving and paying amounts was a salient one. And with the passage of time, different companies have introduced their smart payment systems, enabling clients and customers to conveniently pay and receive their amounts.

EasyPay is one of them. It is Pakistan’s first complete online system for payments of goods and services in the world of e-commerce. EasyPay is an end-to-end online payment system that sends and receives your amounts in real-time, offering zero additional charges for the end-user, which means the customer. It has over 75000 agents all over Pakistan, making the process easier for you.

Let’s learn about its working, some advantages of EasyPay and how EasyPay is useful for its users, whether it’s the customer or retailers. We will also shed light on other details about it that enable EasyPay to stand distinct.

How to Create an Account on EasyPay

How to Create an Account on EasyPay?

EasyPay has introduced a highly user-friendly and hassle-free registration procedure. All you need is to follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Download the App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store and install it on your device.

Step 2. In the case of the web application, you can follow this link to create an account on EasyPay.

Step 3. Provide your phone number on the first screen.

Step 4. Enter OTP to verify your phone number.

Step 5. At the next screen, fill in your personal information, including full name, email and PIN.

Step 6. Lastly, select a security question and provide your answer. This question will help you recover your account if you forget your PIN. So make sure you do not forget your answer to the question.

Minimum Requirements for an EasyPay Account

Minimum Requirements for an EasyPay Account

Opening an account on EasyPay demands very basic requirements, which are:

  • Valid Identification
  • Cell phone
  • Bank account
  • Email address

How to Make Payments Via EasyPay

How to Make Payments Via EasyPay

You must remember that EasyPay was introduced by the same business entity that owns EasyPaisa. It is project by Tameer Microfinance Bank and Telenor. So EasyPay works with the app of EasyPaisa. In order to make a payment via EasyPay, there are 3 possible options you can choose.

Via EasyPaisa Account

  • First of all, go to your EasyPaisa account and go to your online store to buy any product or service you like.
  • Once you are done with your buying, move to the next screen and press “Checkout with EasyPay” and “Pay via EasyPaisa Mobile Account” on the next screen.
  • Once you click “Pay via EasyPaisa Mobile Account”, a new screen will appear asking your email and phone number.
  • Upon entering your details, you will get notified via text to confirm the payment. Also, you will get a “secret pin” for that specific payment.
  • Enter your PIN and confirm the payment. This will make your transaction successful.

Via EasyPaisa Shop

  • In order to pay via EasyPaisa Shop, click “Checkout with EasyPay” followed by pressing “Pay at EasyPay Shop”.
  • Now, enter your email and phone number. This will generate a token for your specific purchase. Remember that the token will be received at both SIM text and email.
  • Keep the token undisclosed and reach the nearest EasyPaisa shop. There, the EasyPaisa agent will process your payment successfully.

Via Credit Card

  • Paying via credit card is the most smart and hassle-free method of EasyPay payments. You can select the “Checkout with EasyPay” option after shopping.
  • Next, click “Pay via Visa/MasterCard”. A new screen asking for your details will appear.
  • Enter your details, and let your payment be verified. Once it’s verified, you will receive a “transaction successful” notification.

Advantages of EasyPay

Advantages of EasyPay

EasyPay is very much beneficial for both the customers and the retailer. Let’s look at how:

Benefits for the Customers

  • Customers can avail of the opportunity of EasyPay in 850 cities with the facility of cash on delivery in 250.
  • Customers can directly buy from the seller, eliminating the middleman and reducing the customer’s cost.
  • Customers can use it for retail payments.
  • Customers get the facility of instant settlement for payment through an EasyPaisa account.
  • Customers have overnight settlement and 3-day settlement opportunities for EasyPaisa shop payment & credit card payment, respectively.

Benefits for the Sellers/ Merchants

  • You can join EasyPay being a seller whether your business is small or large. Even if you run a “Pan Shop”, you can make your payments via EasyPay.
  • Merchants get a 3%, 2% and 1% share from each transaction through Credit Card payments, EasyPaisa Shop and EasyPay, respectively.
  • Sellers do not have to pay any joining fee or hidden costs, whereas merchant account processing takes about 15 days at EasyPaisa and Tameer Microfinance Bank.
  • There is no limit to minimum transactions for the merchants.
  • EasyPay provides detailed reports for bulky transactions via competitive analytical tools.
  • Merchants get the facility of instant, overnight and 3-day settlement in case of payments via EasyPaisa account, EasyPaisa shop and credit card, respectively.

Some Other Distinctions of EasyPay

Some Other Distinctions of EasyPay

  • EasyPay is convenient to use, safe and hassle-free for national and international e-commerce payments.
  • Using EasyPay gives you discounts on your purchases on platforms like Daraz.
  • Monthly activation of up to 1 million accounts of EasyPaisa.
  • Cash limit of 50,000 PKR for basic EasyPaisa account while zero limit for Over-the-counter/EasyPaisa shop and Credit Card.

Payment Return Options

Payment Return Options

EasyPay considers no compromise on securing and returning your payments, if you intend to reverse it. We have variable time spans to reverse your transaction decisions.

  • Credit/Debit Card within 6 working days
  • EasyPaisa Mobile Account within 1 day.
  • Retailer within 3 days.


EasyPay is Pakistan’s first effective platform for local and international e-commerce payments. It brings limited charges and liabilities for both types of users, customers and merchants. Whether you’re having concerns about settlement or return, you get instant solutions, giving you peace of mind. Also, there are opportunities for discounts for you when you use EasyPay. With these and many other features, EasyPay is largely used by millions of customers in Pakistan.