HBL Gold Credit Card

The banking sector of Pakistan has thrived in the last two decades. This is attributable to several factors such as economic growth and modernization of banking practices. Within the banking industry, consumer financing has exhibited handsome growth due to the reliance of consumers on debt financing when it comes to purchasing cars, availing credit lines, and investing in real estate. One such bank that has shown exceptional performance is HBL. It is offering several consumer products to Pakistanis with different features and discounts. One such product is the HBL Gold credit card which is a perfect combination of rewards, discounts, privileges, gifts, and special features.

HBL Credit Cards

All banks in Pakistan are offering credit cards with different features such as credit limits, discounts, rewards, and gifts. The HBL gold credit card among all them is an outstanding credit facility.

HBL Gold Credit card Basic features

Some of the basic features of the HBL Gold credit card are explained below.

  • Interest-free period of 51 days

This implies that if you repay your outstanding amount within 51 days from the date of expense you will not be charged any interest.

  • Balance Transfer facility at a rate of 2 %

BTF facility allows you to transfer the outstanding of any other bank to your HBL bank, which you can then convert to easy installments and repay your loan comfortably.

  • easy installment plan

Easy installment plans are available on the purchase of many products. You can avail of an easy installment plan of up to a tenor of 4 years to make your installment easy to repay.

  • Monthly Mark-up rate 3.25 %

A monthly mark-up rate of 3.25 % is charged on transactions if you go beyond 51 days.

  • Cash advance 39 %

You can avail cash advance facility up to 50 % of your available credit limit at an annual mark-up rate of 39 %.

  • Minimum Monthly payment 5 %

You are required to make a minimum monthly payment of 5 % of your outstanding amount.

  • Foreign transaction fee 3 %

The fee on foreign transactions is 3 % of the transaction amount.

  • Credit Limit

The HBL Gold credit card limit is Rs.500, 000.

  • Annual Fee

Annual fee of Rs.6000, reversible subject to spending 25,000 within 60 days of credit statement.

HBL Gold credit card benefits

  • Insurance plan discounts

With the HBL Gold credit card, you can avail of discounts on numerous insurance plans of prestigious insurance companies for yourself and your family.

  • CIP lounge facilities at several airports.

CIP lounge facilities allow you to enjoy VIP services such as snacks, Beverages, Internet, magazines, at the six major airports of Pakistan.

HBL gold credit card discounts 

  • 10-25 % discount in famous restaurants and bakeries in major cities of Pakistan. Some of these include Spice Bazaar, BBQ Tonight, Kitchen Cuisine, Bamboo Union, Fujiyama, Marco Polo, and many more.
  • Up to 20 % discount in laboratories, pharmacies, and hospitals such as Chughtai Labs, SKMH, Aga Khan pharmacies, etc.
  • Up to 30 % discount on items such as jewellery, clothing, sports goods, home decor, cosmetics, etc.
  • Up to 35 % discount in Avari Hotels.
  • One reward point for every 25 Rs of local transactions, 3-times on foreign transactions.


HBL Gold credit card offers a long list of benefits to its holder. These include a fast-moving reward point plan which you can redeem for many gifts and discounts. The list of restaurants that provide you discounts on HBL Gold credit cards is a very long one and includes famous names such as Pizza Hut, Fujiyama, Marco Polo, Cafe Aylanto, Howdy, and many more.

The card also offers you discounts in pharmacies, hospitals, and laboratories. These include Aga Khan laboratories, SKMH, Chughtai Labs, Accu Lab, Rahman and Rahman, and others. The CIP lounge facility allows you to enjoy VIP services in airports in the six major cities of the country. You can enjoy comfortable sitting while you wait for your flight, avail services like free internet and media, enjoy snacks and beverages for free.

HBL Gold credit card apply online

Apply online today for your HBL gold credit card and avail outclass benefits, discounts, and rewards. If you are an HBL account holder, you can also use HBL’s mobile app to apply for HBL’s gold credit card.

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