HBL Platinum Credit Card

Basic Features of HBL Platinum Credit Card Limit

The HBL Platinum credit card limit is the highest among all HBL credit cards. You can spend up to 2 million rupees using the platinum card. The APR (Annualized Percentage Rate) on HBL’s platinum card is 40 % (Monthly maximum 3.29 %). The annual fee/joining fee is Rs. 12,000 which can be reversed if you spend Rs. 75,000 within two months of issuance of your credit card statement.

The balance transfer facility (BTF) can be used to transfer your other credit card loan/outstanding to HBL’s credit card and permit you to settle it either in instalments or lump sum. This can be helpful if you are availing of a credit card that is expensive or is not customer-friendly. You can conveniently transfer the balance to HBL’s platinum credit card to make it easy on your pocket. The BTF charges are 3 % of the transferred amount. You can also withdraw cash from your HBL platinum card using the cash advance facility which has a fee of 3 % of the cash amount.

The platinum card has an interest-free period that ranges from 21 to 51 days which means that you will have to pay no interest if you settle your outstanding within this time range. The minimum monthly payment is 5% of your outstanding amount, paying more than the minimum amount will save you from interest.

The HBL platinum credit card also offers three different insurance plans with different features such as credit shelter, family protection plan, secure wallet plan, and others.

The HBL platinum card discounts and reward system are unique. The reward system has a very high points accumulation feature. For every local transaction of Rs. 25, you receive one reward point and for any foreign transaction of the same amount, you earn three reward points. The accumulated reward points can be utilized for several benefits such as annual fee waivers, dining/shopping vouchers, and a long list of products such as watches, electronics, appliances, etc. Using the reward system wisely can get you a gift worth remembering. From a pressure washer to a brand-new gaming console, from a luxurious pen to a food processor, the list of gifts in the reward program is long and exciting.

Using the HBL platinum credit card makes you eligible for the special feature of lounge access. This can come in handy if you are a frequent traveller. The feature gives you access to over four hundred airport lounges around the world. This special privilege is not dependent on the type of ticket or airline. All you have to do is register yourself on the lounge key website and you will receive complimentary services such as snacks, drinks, magazines, newspapers, entertainment facilities, conference rooms, etc.

HBL Platinum card discounts

There are countless offers on HBL platinum credit card discounts covering numerous services around Pakistan. These include nearly all major cities in the country. Discounts vary from city to city and are available on dining, clothing, accessories, appliances, and many more.

Discounts on HBL platinum cards include 25 % at restaurants & cafes, up to 20 % at bakeries, up to 20 % on medical services such as hospitals and laboratories, up to 10 % on entertainment facilities such as clubs & cinemas.

While travelling around the world, you can use your platinum card to avail of discounts from over 50,000 hotels around the globe. The visa privilege allows you to avail of discounts at more than nine hundred luxury hotels worldwide.

Some of the famous names among the long list of places that offer discounts to HBL Platinum cardholders include Nike, Addidas, Timberland, Cafe Adelanto, Pizza Hut, Sakura, Fujiyama, Marco Polo, Burger King, Aga Khan Laboratories, DHL, and Avari Towers.

Other Privileges & Benefits

There is a long list of benefits& privileges that come attached to your visa platinum card. For instance, if you are travelling abroad and you are in an emergency you can access the Global Customer Assistance Services or GCAS helpline numbers and avail of urgent services such as reporting lost or stolen card, replacement of card, emergency cash withdrawal, and platinum protection.

After you have activated your platinum card you can link it to HBL mobile application on your smartphone. You can avail of the HBL platinum credit card limit through the HBL mobile app. The application can also be used for enabling/disabling card usage at ATMs, POS machines, e-commerce, etc. You can pay your utility bills with just one click. The smart app lets you block your card, apply for limit enhancement, view your credit card statement, and even retrieve your tax certificate. The app can be conveniently secured by setting up biometric identification so that no one can misuse it.


The host of benefits that we have briefly mentioned makes the HBL platinum credit card one of the best credit cards in the country. This highly competitive card lets you enjoy the luxuries of life at affordable rates and provides you easy access to travel destinations worldwide. The high HBL platinum credit card limit allows you to enjoy world-class hoteling around the world at one of the most luxurious hotels. The HBL platinum credit card discounts allow you to enjoy benefits through the length & breadth of Pakistan at countless restaurants, cafes, stores, etc.

The fact that it has a long interest-free period makes it more affordable than other credit cards. Synchronizing your card with HBL’s mobile app makes this card easy to use & manage. You can pay your credit card instalments promptly without any delay and also service other utility bills. HBL is one of the pioneers in mobile banking and has one of the most secured mobile applications in the country. The easy-instalment plan allows you to enjoy mark-up as low as 2 % and you can use the plan to procure anything from home appliances to travel packages. Reasonable charges and incredible offers make the HBL platinum card a necessary part of your wallet so that you can enjoy the best in life without burdening yourself.

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