Silk Bank Platinum Credit Card

Over the past few years, the banks have evolved their strategies and policies. The increase of technology and modernization has called for the advancement of bank policies and services. Banks have evolved as per the demands of their clients. Hence, to cope up with the demands of our customers, we have developed beneficial strategies that assist our customers in banking.

Silk Bank LTD has formulated new policies and banking strategies to fulfil the necessities demanded by our valuable customers. We proudly introduce our utmost policies of  Platinum Credit cards for our customers. A platinum credit card provides exclusive and exciting new discounts and offers that will leave you amazed!

Silk bank Platinum Credit Card comes with a number of benefits, easing its users with lots of discounts and offers. Our customers can benefit platinum credit cardholders from its rewarding and profitable advantages. We proudly present the beneficial aspects of the platinum credit card that serves the cardholders with immense profits and discounts.

Discounts offered by Platinum Credit Card:

Silk bank attempts to facilitate its clients with all possible yet remarkable services and facilities. We offer exclusive and exciting discounts on multiple services and facilities. Our platinum credit card holders can easily avail profitable and beneficial maximum discounts on various services. Plati num credit card offers its users enormous deals and benefits on all their demanded services. We shall discuss a few of the many discounts offered by Silk Bank Platinum credit card:

  • Discounts for hotels and resorts:

Silk bank offers it’s Platinum credit cardholders a discount of 25% on their favourite hotels and resorts. Our customers can avail themselves of the freedom of enjoying their stay at their favourite hotel with 25% off on their total payment. Our clients can be at ease during their travelling for the discounts offered by the Silk Bank Platinum credit card.

Our travelling discounts and discounts for hotels and resorts are applicable worldwide. So, wherever you go, our platinum credit card is available for exceptional deals during your stay. The Silk Bank permits 50 % discounts on all hotels and resorts within Pakistan.

  • Discounts on outlets:

Silk bank customers can enjoy incredible discounts on all sorts of outlets. Whether it be a shopping outlet or a restaurant, a platinum credit card offers an appreciable amount of discount to its users. Our customers are now at the freedom of availing 50% discounts at their favourable outlets by utilizing Silk Bank platinum credit cards.

  • Discount on airline tickets:

Silk bank offers incredible travel discounts to platinum credit cardholders. Our clients can pursue their journey stressless and comfortably.

Our platinum credit card facilitates its users with 20% discounts on airline tickets. Our customers are free to long for the travel destination they desire because our platinum credit card is financially facilitating them.

  • Discount at travel agents:

Our customers can acquire marvellous and beneficial discounts from the travel agents. Silk bank offers a 25% discount to its platinum credit card holders at any travel agency. Our platinum credit card benefits its customers during their journey to different stations. Therefore, our clients are unbound to pursue their travelling with the least expense and maximum enjoyment!

  • Discount on entertainment:

Silk bank facilitates its customers with discounts on entertainment. Our platinum credit card holders can now avail of a perfect discount of 25% on all clubs and entertainment stations. Our clients are free to be benefitted from the incredible and exclusive discounts on all entertainment points. Therefore, our customers can now save money and acquire entertainment simultaneously.

  • Discount on dining:

Our customers receive the facility of exclusive and exciting discounts on dining at various hotels and restaurants. Silk bank offers incredible and matchless discounts to the platinum credit cardholder. Our customers obtain and avail a perfect discount of 15% on their dinning at their likeable restaurants and hotels. So now, our platinum credit card holder can feast and save money simultaneously.

  • Discount on bakers and cafes:

Apart from dining discounts, silk bank comes forward with amazing and distinguishing deals at various bakers and cafes. Co now, our clients can reach up to their favourite café or bakers and avail a perfect discount of 15% on their total payment. Silk bank offers appreciable and distinguishing discounts to our platinum credit cardholders to ease them at their best.

  • Discount on hospitals and laboratories:

Silk bank works for the insured health of our clients. The platinum credit card offers an encouraging discount for medical services to our clients. Our customers are free to avail of a discount of 25% at hospital services and laboratories. In case of any emergency, our customers can access the due discount of the total payment at hospitals or lao=boratories.

  • Discount on fitness and health clubs:

Our clients are accessible to the availing of our platinum credit card’s unique and unmatched discounts. Silk bank offers a perfect discount of 25% at fitness clubs to our users of platinum credit cards. We offer incredible discounts to our valuable customers to achieve fitness of body and health.

  • Discount on courier services:

Silk bank offers novel discounts and attempts to ease its clients. Our users of the platinum credit card can avail of a distinguishing and exciting discount of 30% on courier services. So, now our customers are unbound to order articles ol=nline and get a discount on the delivery through courier services.

Apart from the earlier discounts, Silk Bank honours its valuable customers with some extra benefits. Silk bank advances to offer some more benefits to its customers that include the following mentioned discounts, cashback and a few more benefits.

A few more benefits offered by platinum credit card:

  • Withdrawal of 50% advance cash from the credit card limit
  • 0% markup rate at the balance transfer for the first whole year
  • 25% cashback on all transactions
  • A reward against every 50 rupees you spend on retail transactions on your Silk Bank Platinum Credit Card

Silk bank attempts to serve its clients with all new and exciting offers. You can now apply for availing of a platinum credit card. We would be glad to be a source of your facilitation.

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