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UIC History and His Major Products

History of United Insurance Company:

UIC Stands for “United Insurance Company.” UIC is a reputable company that serves more than 62 years. It is a limited public organization indexed on Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited. It provides its insurance services in Bangladesh and is prominent with more than 100 branches in all Pakistan’s major cities. UIC Directors “Mr. Khawas Khan Niazi,” “Mr. Agha Ali Imam,” “Miss Huma Waheed,” “Mr. Jamil A. Khan,” and Mr. Syed Rahat Ali Shah are form different direct professions and fields. Some UIC products are General business, including Group Health Insurance, Travel Insurance (Health), Travel Bonds & Guarantees, Livestock, and Crop Insurance. Mr. Fakhruddin Valika a famous industrialist and also is the founder of the United Insurance Company of Pakistan with 20% justice from Pakistan insurance company. UIC is growing its network day by day.

Major Insurance products of UIC are:

  • Health Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Crop Insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Engineering Insurance
  • Livestock and many more

Health Insurance:

Health Insurance policy is vital for everyone, especially in under developing countries like Pakistan. During emergencies, it provides medical assistance and behaves like a shelter in crisis. UIC gives you the best health insurance plans and reasonably priced quotes. UIC offers the customers excellent services of Health Insurance.

Details of health insurance are described below;

  • A comprehensive identified scheme is offering value-added features and a full solution for all health worries.
  • An essential tool in the comfortable delivery of health care services; we will be there when you require somebody to help.
  • It was offsetting substantial medical expenses that have an immense bearing on health and its maintenance.
  • Well conceived and tailored plan exclusively designed to address all health exigencies requiring hospitalization.
  • Fulfills all necessities envision in government policy of healthcare for all.
  • Insurance arrangements with the world’s top insurers.

Travel Insurance:

There are lots of travel insurance companies in Pakistan for providing travel insurance services. The UIC Company of Pakistan Limited provides its customer with the best. The UIC is rated AA by PACRA and initiated the peaceful provision of buy travel insurance online that can be acquired from any place.

The travel insurance covers:

  • Transparent refund policy.
  • Age limit – 85 years. (Travellers up to 65 years of age are qualified without extra expenses).
  • Direct settlement of medical claims abroad.
  • Loss of luggage& passport, flight postponement, and personal liability cover.
  • Free 24 hour medico-legal and language support.
  • Emergency dental cover.

Crop Insurance:

Crop/ Farm insurance deals with financial safety aligned with natural disasters, fire & lightning, and insect/pets attack the standing crop. Life is more worth than everything. From this viewpoint, farmer insurance becomes comparable important. The UIC offers farmer insurance packages with significant paybacks.

The crop insurance details are given below;

  • Project his basis of credit and debit moving capacity.
  • Low premium rates.

Car Insurance:

UIC provides its customer with exceptional services, reasonably priced packages with great benefits, and the best motor vehicle insurance product. Auto insurance covers physical injuries and also provides financial benefits against bodily damages. In most populated countries like Pakistan, accident ratios are increasing day by day. For this reason, auto insurance is a necessity for everyone.

Risks Covered:

  • Accidental External means.
  • Riots, Strikes & mean Damages
  • Financial benefits
  • Physical injuries
  • Fire, blast, self-ignition or lightning, or frost.
  • Third-Party responsibility.

Marine Insurance:

Marine insurance covers the loss of ships, cargo, and any transportation by which assets are moved or held among beginning and end destinations. There is avoidance from these damages, and for your safety, marine insurance companies are here. The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited provides two kinds of coverages for its customer’s relief. Marine cargo insurance covers your entire asset, and marine hull insurance covers all types of ship operating.

Fire Insurance:

Fire insurance is a type of insurance that covers your fatalities and damages caused by fire. But to deal with such a situation, fire insurance companies turn into a helping hand. The United Insurance Company Limited is a well-known insurance company in Pakistan that provides fire insurance policy within your means.

Fire Insurance covers;

  • Riot and Strike Damage
  • Allied Perils
  • Hotel Owner All Risk
  • Home Insurance Plan
  • Terrorism Cover

Engineering Insurance

The United Insurance Company of Pakistan Limited provides engineering insurance that plays a dynamic role in covering all engineering risks. While engineering projects are running, it is necessary to have the best packages and services of engineering insurance; for this purpose, UIC is the best choice for you.

Engineering insurance packages are;

  • Contractor’s All threat Insurance
  • Bonds
  • Machinery maintenance insurance
  • Plant and electronic equipment insurance
  • Machinery breakdown insurance
  • And many more

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