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Insurance for Vintage and Classic Cars: All You Need to Know

Owning a classic or vintage car is a passion, rather than just an ownership. These vehicles require special care because of their antiqueness. These cars not only require maintenance but also insurance coverage for financial safety, in case of any tragic event.

Unlike standard automobile insurance, vintage and classic car insurance is customised to meet these automotive gems’ unique needs. In this blog, we will guide you through the critical aspects of insurance for vintage and classic cars, helping enthusiasts navigate the intricacies of protecting their cherished rides.

Understanding the Insurance of Vintage and Classic Cars

Understanding the Insurance of Vintage and Classic Cars

These cars are not meant for daily use. Despite their frequent interchangeability, the terms have different means in the insurance company. A car kept in immaculate condition for 20 to 40 years is often considered a classic.

Conversely, vintage automobiles are usually older than 40 years, indicating their historical value. Assume you also own a vintage vehicle, such as a Volkswagen Beetle or a 1966 Ford Mustang.

In that situation, you must insure your vehicle with Cometinsure, the best insurance company. Insurance firms usually consider all these things when setting up specific coverage for these cars.

Navigating Vintage and Classic Cars

Navigating Vintage and Classic Cars

Insights into Insurance Considerations

  • Vintage Car: An antique automobile enthusiast has restored, maintained, or preserved a motor vehicle that is 25 years or more old.
  • Classic Car: A classic car enthusiast has restored, maintained, or preserved a rare or historical 10 or more-year-old motor vehicle.

Discussing your specified car and the type of coverage that you need with your insurance company is a good idea.

Features of Vintage and Classic Cars

Features of Vintage and Classic Cars

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to ensuring historic cars are adequately insured. Conventional auto insurance sometimes does not consider the unique requirements and value of historic vehicles such as yours. Understanding tailored coverage designed specifically for classic cars is crucial for this reason.

Agreed Value Coverage

The idea of agreed value is one of the main distinctions between coverage for antique and classic cars and regular auto insurance. This kind of insurance ensures that, in the event of a complete loss, you would receive the agreed-upon value of your antique car, even after depreciation.

Usage Restrictions

Regarding usage limitations, classic and historic cars are frequently handled differently. The annual mileage that these cars can be driven may be restricted by insurance companies.

Specialised Repairs and Restoration

coverage for the particular maintenance requirements needed to restore and repair vintage cars, guaranteeing upkeep that maintains the vehicle’s authenticity.

Tips for Storage and Security

Protection from unforeseen circumstances even when your historic car is stored or left idle. Furthermore, insurance rates can frequently be lowered by installing security features like tracking devices, alarms, and secure storage.

Documentation and Appraisals

Keep detailed records of all the modifications, maintenance, and restoration work done on your historic vehicle. For insurance purposes, you can support the value and condition of your car with recent appraisals and photos.

Overview of Vintage and Classic Car Insurance Policies

Overview of Vintage and Classic Car Insurance Policies

Vintage and Classic car insurance coverage differs from standard automobile insurance policies. The details are mentioned below:

  1. Liability Auto Insurance: Covers damages that your car caused to others.
  2. Collision and Comprehensive Insurance: Addresses various issues, including theft, vandalism, falling objects, car accident damage, fire, collisions with animals, flood, hail, and riots.
  3. Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Pays for medical bills in case an uninsured driver crashes into you.

Roadside Assistance for Vintage and Classic Cars

Roadside Assistance for Vintage and Classic Cars

In the event of a breakdown, roadside assistance insurance proves invaluable. This coverage includes assistance for mechanical breakdowns, flat tires, locksmith services for lockouts, and fuel delivery for running out of gas. It’s often an optional coverage to your policy.

What to Do If your Vintage Care is Totalled

What to Do If your Vintage Care is Totalled?

Follow these steps if your classic or vintage car is fully damaged:

  • Claim File: Submit a claim file to your car insurer. Understand your policy’s payout options, as classic cars are not depreciated like standard vehicles.
  • Agreed Value: A pre-determined amount that you and your insurance provider agreed upon at the time of inception.
  • Stated Value: The amount you declare with documentation when obtaining the classic car insurance policy. The insurance company will pay you the stated value or actual cash value (whichever is less) in case of total loss.
  • Choosing the Right Option: Agreed value is preferable for classic or collector vehicles to maintain or appreciate. In the event of a complete loss, this ensures that you will recover your financial losses.


Appropriate insurance is essential whether you’re showing off your vintage pride and joy, participating in a car parade, or attending auto shows. A vintage or classic car requires exceptional experience and responsibility, including ensuring you have the appropriate insurance.

An expert can ensure that their priceless cars are safeguarded against the effects of time and unforeseen events by knowing the differences between vintage and classic car insurance. In addition to protecting these vehicles’ financial worth, time and effort should be put into finding the best insurance policy to maintain these vehicles’ history and passion.

Before applying for insurance, you must check the company policies they fully cover and have multiple insurance options for your antique and treasure automobile.