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How TPL Insurance Can Help You Deal With Qualms?

TPL Insurance is a company that has a history of providing trustworthy services in the field of insurance. Their plans have the flexibility and also provides you with the facility to customize them according to your needs. TPL Insurance company aims to serve its customers in the best possible manner to get desirable coverage. The coverage that TPL provides you gives you the peace of mind. At Cometinsure with us, you can easily compare and buy TPL Insurance products with expert guidance within no time. In this article, we aim to cover details about major Insurance Products offered by TPL Insurance. It includes Auto Direct Insurance, Home Direct Insurance, Travel Direct Insurance and Takaful Direct.

Auto Direct Insurance

TPL gives you the facility to choose from the variety of auto insurance products. If you want to make a convenient decision regarding auto insurance, Auto Direct Insurance is the best option. There are numerous facilities and coverages that TPL offers. It also provides you with tailored products to fulfil your requirements. It offers the coverage based on the risk from which you want protection. Some Packages of TBL Auto Direct Insurance are as follow.

  • Comprehensive: It is best for the total coverage for your vehicle. It gives you protection from minor damages to a major loss.
  • 5T: Now you can get five-time benefits by using just one single insurance. It covers you for Terrorism, Total loss, Theft, Third-party liability, and Tracker Services.
  • 3T: It has the facility to provide you with protection for Theft, Tracker and Third-Party Coverage that is why called as 3T protection.
  • 2T: This Auto Insurance package gives you the coverage for Third Party cover and Theft. It is the basic coverage policy. It has an affordable price.
  • Secure T: If you love your old car and want to protect it get Secure T package. It gives you coverage for Total Loss, Theft, Third Party and Terrorism if your car is older than 2015.
  • Self Insurance: It gives you the protection for all damages up to PKR 10,000. It is a self-protection policy.

TPL also gives you the facility to track your driving problems and improve them. There are some additional values in the Auto Direct Insurance including Kar4Kar, Personal Accident, EVAC, and Kar4Kar registration.

  • Kar4Kar is for replacing your car with a new one, in case your car is stolen and, you face a total loss. TPL will replace it just in seven days.
  • Personal Accident is to pay hospital bills in case you face an accident.
  • EVAC is for providing coverage in case of a mechanical breakdown.
  • In Kar4Kar registration, you do not have to pay the registration fee of the new car.

Home Direct Insurance

Home Direct Insurance is the policy that provides cover to your house in case of loss and damage. TPL Home Direct insurance will always be at your side in case an emergency or loss. To build a perfect house is not an easy task. It takes a lot to make your dream house. Damage to your house can make it very painful and hefty on the pocket. Never forget to make your home secure. Buy the right Home Insurance Policy in terms of Home Content Insurance. At Comet, you can easily compare your quotes to get the best package from TPL Insurance. The Home Direct packages include the following.

  • Tenant:It gives you the protection for your personal belongings in a rental house.
  • Landlord: Make sure that your home is secure if you are giving it on rent. This policy gives you coverage from fire, flood, earthquakes, and many other accidental damages.
  • Owner:If you live in the house, there is still a need for an Insurance policy to protect your home. It gives you protection for property and personal items.

TPL Home Direct insurance packages provide coverage for fire, explosion, lightning, riot and strike damages. The coverage also includes water damages due to pipelines, floods, and rains. It also gives you the protection from acts of malicious persons as well as burglary and housebreaking acts.

Travel Direct Insurance

TPL Travel Direct Insurance is the insurance policy that can provide you with the best cover for your travelling needs. It is the most comprehensive insurance policy. In this plan, you can get medical and hospitalization coverages along with other features. The packages of travel direct insurance include the following.

  • Hajj & Umrah: You can get the most trustworthy and reliable Hajj & Umrah Insurance plan. TPL can provide you with complete coverage for this holy and pure reason.
  • Domestic: It helps in all domestic challenges while travelling like loss of luggage and more.
  • International ViaCare: It provides coverages like injuries, medical expenses, flight delays including loss of baggage for international trips.
  • Student Guard: This package gives you the coverage for many issues like personal liabilities while you are studying, in a foreign country.
  • Ziarat: Now you can attain all the blessings of ziarat with this package without worrying about worldly fears.

The TPL Travel Direct insurance provides you with the coverage for many medical issues, losses and other emergencies.

At Cometinsure with us, you can get all the compare and buy the facility for TPL Insurance plans with Twenty-four-hour customer care service and claim support.

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