Which One Is Better? Whole Life VS Term Life Insurance

Life is something beyond the price and alluring yet covered with muddling situations. In life, you can always face obstacles, so must have to be ready for any situation. In this aspect, the best financial planning plan is your Insurance plan. You must be investing small amounts of money to buy coverage for the time of need. A perfect and well-customized plan become very handy and helpful. It is the best cover for every individual. If you have dependents, you must take a wise step to choose the right Life Insurance plan for you. In Comet with us, you can get multiple options for comparing quotes and professional guidance regarding Life Insurance. We are associated with Pakistan’s top-rated Insurance Company and can play the best role as aggregators. We serve our best for helping you to find the best plan for you. Cometinsure is one of Pakistan’s leading aggregators company. We make sure that you get the best from us. We provide the facility of Life Insurance Comparison under one roof to save both your time and money. The point to highlight is that first, you must do proper research about the company’s offering and your needs. It is essential to choose the right type of plan for fulfilling all the requirements. Buying the right coverage should be your goal. Life Insurance Plans can make you pro-active toward life’s unwanted and unexpected problems. Do you want your family to suffer financial issues? No, no one wants that. To prevent traumatic situation trust Cometinsurance and get suitable cover.

Whole Life VS Term Life Insurance   

Life Insurance is a vast field and further divided into Whole Life Insurance and Term Life Insurance. It all depends upon your choice. You have to select the plan that is befitting for you. Both of these plans have some common features. They provide financial support in case of pre-mature death. In the case of untimely death, the company give the amount to the beneficiary. The name of the beneficiary is always present in the Insurance Documents.

Let’s scrutinize some points about Whole Life Insurance and Term Life Insurance. The sole purpose of this article is to provide you with information about these two life Insurance Plans. This will help you in making a decision. In which time or circumstances you should buy Whole or Term Life Insurance Plan?

Whole Life Insurance  

As the name clearly shows that whole life insurance is for providing immunization against appalling situations for a lifetime. It is a long term plan. It gives you immunity and protects you and your family. It expires when the insurance holders die. The insurance amount is given to the family after a claiming process. Cometinsure provides you door to door claiming facility with a complete guide. We are the experts and do our best to help you in time of need or support. You can rely on our services as our experienced staff know their work and can help you in the best possible way. In Whole life insurance, your family will get a lump sum amount in monthly premium’s result. Your family will not have to pay any tax on the insurance amount. Whole life insurance is also known as policy cash value.


Benefits of using Whole Life Insurance Plan includes the following.

  • It is a lifetime protection policy heedless of age.
  • It is a plan that can help you in building your financial position.
  • It also provides help in augmentation of your wealth.
  • It provides you with tax benefits and gives you the opportunity of savings with highly competitive offers.


Some drawbacks of buying Whole Life Insurance are as follow.

  • The only major drawback of using Whole Life Insurance is that it comes with high premium prices based on coverages you want.

Whole Life Insurance is suitable for the person who wants his family not to suffer from financial issues. It gives the insurers family a lump sum amount that can help in fighting with a problematic situation. It can save the future of children and family.

Term Life Insurance  

It is a type of Life Insurance plan that expires after a certain period. It only provides money to the beneficiaries in case of untimely death. No money is given to the dependents if the agreed time collapse. The individual himself choose and decide the period for Term Life Insurance. Mostly the terms are of 5, 10, 15, and 20 years. Along with a lump sum amount, there are many other benefits that this life insurance can provide, for example, cover in case of permanent and total disability.


Benefits of Term Life Insurance Includes

  • The initial cost is lower as compared to whole life insurance.
  • Best for providing cover to the family in case of sudden deaths.
  • Gives you the facility to manage your temporary life insurance needs.


The major drawbacks of buying term life insurance policies are as follow.

  • It is for the specific time and if time expires your family and you will be getting no amount.
  • A premium may change if you wish to buy the policy for one more term.

It is best for those people who want to secure their lives and family for a certain time. If you do not want to pay hefty premiums, it is the best option.


It all depends upon your choice and needs. To simplify more, a Life Insurance plan will provide the benefits according to the coverages you want. It is about the customization of your policy. At Cometinsure, we can help you in comparing and buying different life insurance products. We are linked with known Life Insurance Companies in Pakistan.

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