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Two Wheeler Insurance | Comprehensive and Third Party Insurance

We know you love your bike and probably only bought it after quite a lot of thought, research, planning, budgeting, inquiries, and suggestions.  You now have the bike of your dreams; don’t you want to safeguard both your bike and your pocket?

Get your bike insured by cometinsure and enjoy those thrilling road trips. We’ll guide you through everything you need to know about the right bike insurance and the required add-ons that’ll protect you at their best.

What is Comprehensive Bike Insurance?

A combination of both a third-party cover and an own damage cover, a Comprehensive Bike Insurance gives your bike extensive coverage by covering for everything from third-party related liabilities to damages to your bike due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural calamities, accidents, collisions, etc.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Bike Insurance


Covers for your Bike’s Damages

it covers for one’s own bike’s damages and losses thus saving you tons of money of hassle in the case of an unfortunate incident!

Protects you from Third-Party Liabilities

Just like a Third-Party cover, it also protects your bike from third-party-related liabilities and losses. For example; in case your bike hits someone else’s car, your comprehensive bike insurance will be there for you!

Protection against accidents

Comprehensive bike insurance not only protects your bike from damages caused during accidents and collisions, but also protects your bike from any damages caused due to a natural calamity such as a flood, cyclone, and the like.

Compensation for Bike Theft

Another one of the biggest advantages of comprehensive bike insurance is the fact that, in an unfortunate case where your bike is stolen, your comprehensive bike insurance will be there to cover the losses of the same.

Cost-Effective Option

On the surface, one may think that comprehensive bike insurance is more expensive. But it turns out to be a lot more cost-effective when compared to third-party bike insurance.

Covers Personal Damages too!

Both in a Third-Party Bike Insurance and Comprehensive Bike Insurance, a Personal Accident cover may be included to cover for personal damages too!

Limitations of a Comprehensive Bike Insurance

  • Doesn’t cover your bike’s natural wear and tear
  • It cannot protect your bike from its timely depreciation over time
  • Usually, unless you’ve taken a specific add-on, the fibre and rubber parts of your bike aren’t fully covered within a standard bike insurance
  • As a standard rule, any bike insurance won’t be able to cover losses or damages caused due to a nuclear attack or war.

What is a Third-Party Bike Insurance?

As the name suggests, a Third-Party Bike Insurance is the type of bike insurance that only covers the minimum, mandatory requirement of coverage for losses and damages related to Third-Party Liabilities.

For example; If you happen to get into an accident with another bike, your Third-Party bike insurance will cover the losses caused to the third party. However, it wouldn’t be able to cover for damages and losses caused to your bike.

Benefits of a Third-Party Bike Insurance

Covers for Third-Party Liabilities

The main purpose of this bike insurance is to protect you from any third-party-related losses and damages and it provides for just that.

Covers you in the Eyes of Law

 You need a Third-Party Policy to be able to ride legally on the road. On not having one, you could be held liable for hefty traffic fine!

Protects your Pocket from Fines

To be honest, the cost of buying at least a minimum insurance such as a Third-Party Bike Insurance is cheaper than the traffic penalties that can dent your pocket! As mentioned above, having at least third-party bike insurance will protect your pocket from the same.

Limitations of a Third-Party Bike Insurance

It doesn’t cover for your bike’s damages or losses; whether that stems from an accident, collision, fire, or even a natural calamity.

  • You can’t customize your bike insurance policy with add-ons or covers.
  • It doesn’t compensate for the theft of your bike.

Why should you Upgrade to Comprehensive Bike Insurance?

To protect your dear bike: If you care about the condition of your bike, comprehensive bike insurance is the way to go! In case of an accident, natural calamity, or any other unfortunate incident where you accidentally damage your bike, your comprehensive bike insurance will cover for you.

To cover both own damages and third-party liabilities within one bike insurance policy: One of the best things about comprehensive bike insurance is the fact that you and your bike will be covered by both your damages and third-party liabilities within one single plan.

To benefit from additional covers: It is only within a comprehensive bike insurance policy and an own damage bike insurance where you can also opt for different add-ons to customize your policy just the way you like, for just the kind of coverage you need.

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