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What Is An Umbrella Insurance Policy? Do I Need One?

An umbrella insurance policy is one that offers you excess coverage. This insurance policy is referred to basically as extra liability coverage that goes beyond the consumers’ home insurance, life insurance or even vehicle insurance policy. 

An incident such as a possible accident on the motorway which results in several passengers and drivers getting injured is not covered under your regular insurance policy. Hence, this certain situation, along with several others, could cause you great harm and your insurance coverage may not be able to protect you from it. 

During such times, when your insurance coverage falls short and is inadequate and insufficient, you turn towards having an umbrella insurance policy. An umbrella insurance policy can save you from all unnecessary trouble and hassle. A cheap policy will facilitate you when your normal coverage has been exceeded. 

Umbrella insurance policies are usually cheap, affordable, and inexpensive. This is due to the simple fact that they cannot be claimed unless your regular coverage is exceeding. Hence, in desperate times an umbrella insurance policy can literally be a lifesaver. Some situations in which this can be visible are:

1. Substantial assets:

If for example, you lose a lawsuit, the assets that you possess can be attacked. Hence, an umbrella insurance policy will come to the rescue.

2. Any damage at home:

An incident where a guest gets injured at your house during an event can also lead you to be held accountable. You are the one that will be held responsible and yet again an umbrella insurance policy will prove to be highly beneficial. 

3. You own a swimming pool or a boat:

Again, water accidents are something we are all aware of. These occur quite often. They also tend to be really bad and at a larger scale, and therefore, you need to be fully protected against any sort of troubles or lawsuits that may come your way. 

4. You are a landlord:

In this situation where you own several lands, you can be held accountable for any accident occurring on your property. Your tenants or anyone else injured on your property has the right to sue you and hold you accountable. If the amount exceeds your insurance coverage you will not have to worry as your umbrella insurance will protect you and have you covered. 

5. Volunteer work:

In the scenario that you volunteer and conduct some charity work for someone, for any sort of negligence you again are begin held responsible. Any inappropriate action or behavior will lead you in a fix and you will need ample protection against it. 


An umbrella insurance policy will allow you to be safe in situations where the magnitude is greater and you need coverage. You must not think that you will not need such coverage as life is unpredictable and you can never know what situation you can be found in.