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Why to Choose Comet for Your Insurance Policy

This is an unpredictable world, so you must be prepared for every surprise episode to happen. To tackle unexpected situations, The best is to take assistance from Cometinsure. We all know that insurance is tricky. It’s not like buying something from the market. Buying insurance is just like buying a promise. It’s a promise that when you need it, your insurance company will stand with you. Cometinsure performs its best as an insurance managing company by providing the best and suitable quotes for you. We are associated with the best insurance companies like efu LIFE, TBL insurance,  Jubilee insurance, and Adamjee insurance, and many more. We also guide you for Takaful insurance. We give you plans from more than 11 insurers and get your perfect quote in the maximum time of 30 seconds. Our highly motivated team provides you with friendly service, ensuring that you get your best.

Insurance Companies Linked To Cometinsure:

  • efu LIFE insurance
  • Askari general insurance
  • IGI insurance
  • SPI insurance
  • Premier insurance
  • TBL insurance
  • Adamjee insurance
  • Jubilee insurance
  • UIC insurance

Insurance policies for which we provide guidance:

Motor Insurance:

We take more care with less cost, so drive with peace of mind and let us be your car’s caretakers.

Life Insurance

We would love to cover you with happiness as your life matters.

Health Insurance

While running towards success, you always forget your health. Let us protect your dreams by protecting your health.

Travel Insurance

You travel to make memories, and we ensure that you make good memories by providing you a complete guide for travel insurance.

Personal Accident Cover

We ensure that you and your family will not suffer hard after any misshape by giving you exposure to personal accident cover.

Home Insurance

Live in your home with complete safety, and let us tell you how you can secure your home.

Cargo Insurance

We tell you how you can make your business more profitable and secure.

Corporate Insurance

Make your employees happy by providing them the best insurance policies.


We serve you by providing complete assistance regarding Insurance Policies. Cometinsure promises to deliver the best for you. Here you can get a perfect policy that suits you with the company of your choice. We will provide a complete guide for your queries.

Insurance Manager:

Our policy manager will guide you on subjects like which policy you are interested in and its essential points. The insurance manager keeps all the records, such as claim reports, access reports, and Policy details.

Claim Support:

Our staff helps you claim your policy and provide proper instruction and answer all your question regarding claim issues. We are always ready to hear from you.

Comet Academy:

Comet academy serves to provide you with every piece of information you want regarding insurance and our other services.

Other services:

Our other service includes

  1. Product picker tool.
  2. Products and risk advice.
  3. Road assistance.

Guide on Takaful and role of Cometinsure:

Takaful is Islamic insurance entirely. In which people contribute money to a pool system to guarantee each other against loss or damage, Cometinsure is the pioneer in providing a complete guide on Takaful’s topic. It helps you to buy the most suitable insurance for you by keeping the shariah law in your mind.

Why is Cometinsure better than others:

Comtinsure provides you the best service at the lowest time and lowest cost with a complete guide and always ready to hear your queries.

Comet can give you the best as

  • For health insurance, we have more than seven insurers that can provide you with cover for Pre and Post Hospitalization Expense, Emergency Hospitalization Abroad, Second Opinion from International health care providers, Discounts at Network of Labs and Pharmacies across Pakistan.
  • For motor insurance, we have more than eight insurers that can provide you with cover for Accident, Fire, Theft, Rain, Flood, Earthquake, Towing charges, Emergency Hospitalization
  • We have more than eight insurers in travel insurance that can give you a coverage limit of upto 100,000 USD. And cover you for Medical expenses, Lost baggage, Lost passport, Delayed departure, personal accident, Dental costs, and Provide cover for Visa compliant plans for Schengen, Europe, Canada, the Middle East, and other countries and Covid 19 is covered in it.
  • We have more than nine insurers for households that can give you cover for Fire and Lightning, Burglary, Rain, Flood, Earthquake, Strikes, Riots, Cover for rented property, and more.

Our priority is to make you comfortable, so we help you understand all the points clearly and tell you how you can claim your insurance policies.

Privacy protection:

We ensure that your information is safe with us and take care of your documents and details. Your trust is our strength. So we do our best to protect this trust by keeping your details safe.

Is our information genuine:

We provide you detail on the topic of your concern. We promise to deliver our best regarding any information, and we make sure that every word we share with you is accurate and beneficial.

We tell you about your rights and duties:

As a policyholder, you have some rights and duties.

Your Rights:
  • Do not get influenced and choose the product of your choice.
  • Get quotes from different companies before the final decision.
  • Add riders and get additional coverage.
  • Refuse to give any document not related to the policy need.
  • Ask the company to work according to the documentation.
Your Duties:
  • You must provide authentic documents.
  • Do not make a false declaration.
  • Nominate the beneficiary.
  • Complete all the documentation on time.
  • Make the right claims with complete documents and proofs.

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